Coaching in the Community

Activities R Us received funding from Action Together 
We are working with women to  address

issues around tackling loneliness and social isolation resulting in women feeling a greater sense of control and

ownership over their life.

We are so proud to announce we have help 27 BME ladies out of Isolation.  We delivered a 8 week coaching session once a week.  We helped these ladies develop their own strengths and abilities to enable them to live an independent and fulfilling life and help build their self confidence, removing self limiting beliefs, set goals and targets and give them tools for problem solving whatever the situation. We will work with the Ashton’s Women Group and Bangladeshi Hyde Community Centre..

To tackle loneliness and social isolation we helped each lady to build confidence and join a voluntary group of

their choice by the 5th coaching session and encourage them and work with them on continuing to contribute to

the group. Our coaches have received specific training in tailoring approaches to individual levels of activation.

They use language and goal setting skills to boost a person’s confidence, and with our coaching toolkit they

have the ability to solve problems, train their minds to be more confident, positive and removing all self-limiting

beliefs to avoid loneliness which leads to depression/mental illness which costs the NHS millions.

The outcome was for them to be more confident, independent and be able to enjoy their hobby or interest and be able

to participate in groups, volunteer or even select further education or employment. Our coaching sessions and their

ability to improve their life will have a hugely positive impact on the family, friends and community and go on to do

voluntary work, employment or start training courses.

We are very proud of these ladies as they all felt very confident to travel on a train journey for the first time in their life to visit Manchester City Centre.   Lady Kay Baig donated their travel expenses and lunch in Manchester as a reward.  All the Ladies enjoyed the trip very much and said they would be confident to travel by train again in the futher.

Coaching in the Community

Venue: Holy Trinity Community Centre

Every Friday's until 31st March 2017

Time: 9.30 am till 11.00 am