Duration of coaching sessions



It’s £250 for the initial consultation (1 hour and 30 mins)


First session
The first session is 75 minutes (face to face) or one hour (telephone). The first session for Interview coaching is 90 minutes (comprising 75 minutes coaching + 15 towards advance bespoke preparation by the coach)

  • First session     Telephone                    One hour                     

  • First session     Face to face                 75 minutes                   

  • First session     Interview coaching     90 minutes (= 75 minutes coaching + 15 mins toward bespoke advance preparation by the coach)                      


Further sessions
Choose your session timing

Assertiveness Training Programme
This includes 2 x 2 hour face to face sessions, one half hour telephone session and interim assertiveness exercises and support  and materials.
Pricing of Pay-as-you go coaching

  • 2 hours               £175

  • 90 minutes        £150

  • 75 minutes        £125

  • One hour            £100

  • 45 minutes        £75                   (Telephone only)

  • 30 minutes        £50                   (Telephone only)

Pricing of Flexi-coaching

  • 4 hours             Flexi-coaching              £260 (35% saving)

  • 6 hours             Flexi coaching              £390 (35% saving)

  • 8 hours             Flexi-coaching              £520 (35% saving)


The time you have purchased is available for six months from the date of payment. Once you have used up your block of time, you simply top it up with another 4, 6 or 8 hours if you wish you extend it.



Payment is by online banking transfer, cash or via Paypal (see below) in cash or by online transfer. Telephone sessions are payable in advance. At least 48 hours notice is required for cancellations or payment is due in full, except in cases of illness. Please note that when you pay via Paypal, Paypal's admin fee is added at cost price.


Personal Coaching will take place in Manchester any visits outside Manchester will be subject to travel cost.