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You wake up every morning set in your old ways, the same routine, now getting bored and tired of your life. Stuck in this rat race of living to work instead of working to live with no time to live your dreams. You appear to be content as long as it doesn't interfere with your comfort zone, but are YOU really content? Is your life really comfortable? Is this all you want from life?

Through my blogs I am going to share with you ways how to let you take control and achieve success. We will help you sit in the driving seat and steer your life to where you want to be and enjoy the journey.

Life doesn't have a meaning if you don't have ambitions and dreams. You have to gently come out of your comfort zone and take the risks by facing challenges to be where you want to be. Remember every problem has a solution. It isn't going to be easy but we are here with you on this journey to help you reach your destination.

As a professional Life Coach, Coach Oriana, I meet many clients, who face many different kind of struggles in life, some have lost all sense of direction, others just need a jumpstart and be on their way again. There is hope for all.

You need to chose your destination (goal/dream) and with our expert help we will map out your journey. How fast or slow you go is entirely up to you depending upon your make and model ie the resources available to you and your current situation. "Time waits for no-one, don't waste your life putting things off till tomorrow!"

Monday morning, start of your working week and it's right now you need to set your goals and start changing your life, don't wait till Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, if you don't do it on Monday, you're not going to do it at all. Monday is the day when most hate waking up, this can't be right! Be thankful and appreciate your life, you still have time to change and achieve your dreams. Set your goals to live your life happily and complete. You need to start setting the wheels in motion now! It may not be work that is having a huge effect on your life, it could be finances, relationships, family, friends, health, religion etc. Here's what you have to do to bring about the change...

The Start!

Come Monday set aside half an hour during the day, be it at the start of the morning or during your lunch break and follow the simple steps below...

1. Take a piece of blank paper.

2. Make columns - Work, Family & Friends, Finance, Health, Travel and any other appropriate to you.

3. Mark down the left hand margin numbers 1 - 10 in each column.

4. List all the pending things you have promised to do for each category.

5. List all the things you would like to achieve under each category.

6. Choose a category and reflect on it.

You're not alone...

Let's talk and get you started...

Click on the link above and enter your details to be one of the lucky people to receive free 20 minute coaching sessions via skype/telephone or email.*

Coach Oriana

"Even the darkness of the night ends with a Golden Dawn."

* Three lucky winners will be chosen every week until the offer ends.

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