Blog - Is Social Media taking over your life?

Do you eat, drink, sleep social media? Does your life revolve around the way you portray your virtual life? Is social media taking over your life?

It may sound dramatic but social media is literally taking over our lives. There is this persistent urge to Facebook, Tweet, Snapchat and Instagram our daily moves in an attempt to express our identity to the world and make ourselves feel valued. Unfortunately the truth of the matter is we have become obsessed with virtual reality.

My worry is the impact this has on the younger generation. "It's all about the LIKES!". The more the likes, the greater the popularity supposedly making them superior. They are growing up in a self-obsessed world, where if you do not live up to a certain expectation you are deemed inadequate.

Now with the help of great apps available to us on our mobile phones, we spend far too long taking selfies, editing a photo and uploading it on social media.

Social media merely gives us the opportunity to portray the reality we wish others to see. It’s time we stop spending so much time trying to make our lives look perfect and start focusing on living in the moment.

Did you know that if you updated your status on social media with a holiday selfie or stating you are away, could invalidate your home contents insurance if you were burgled whilst you were away?

It's motivating to see people promoting their work on social media. For them social media is a very important platform to attract fans, customers and generate interest in their line of work. And then there are those who live on social media for the self-promotion and self-obsession. They sacrifice quality family time just to be seen and are opportunists taking photographs and selfies just to plaster all over social media. If it's not building your profile and paying you, stop wasting your time and do something constructive with your life. Unless you are a real celebrity you start looking like a desperate wannabe.

Being continuously bombarded with everyone else’s life updates, only causes us to get jealous, excessively compare ourselves to others and ultimately over-evaluate our lives.

I certainly agree that social media can be a positive medium, especially as a way of connecting and sharing with family and friends. If used correctly it can boost any business, event or campaign, however when it begins to rule our lives and daily activities, that’s going one step too far.

Unless it’s part of your work, try and set times during the day with at least a few hours in between for when you connect to social media. Log in, like, comment, reply and then log out until your next set time. Although sharing and communicating through social media has its benefits, it shouldn't control our lives as it currently does.

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