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Well, It's that time of year again with Christmas almost over and quick dash around the stores picking up the best sale items but most of all looking ahead at 2016 and making those very important New Year's Resolutions.

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Like always you'll make 3 good resolutions that you'll really be able to keep! Don't look at your resolutions like they're burdens, but rather as your personal challenges for the new year. As of now, your fighting spirit has been whipped up, your stamina is on the starting line, and your willpower is high! Let your friends know which good New Year's resolutions you'll be keeping!

Here's a look at the top 10 New Years resolutions made each year:

1 Lose Weight

2 Getting Organized

3 Spend Less, Save More

4 Enjoy Life to the Fullest

5 Staying Fit and Healthy

6 Learn Something Exciting

7 Quit Smoking

8 Help Others in Their Dreams

9 Fall in Love

10 Spend More Time with Family

Common resolutions range widely from “improve my finances,” to “stop procrastinating". The categories the new year resolutions fall into are:

Money (improve finances, get a new job),

Health (lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier, quit smoking),

Self-improvement (stop procrastinating, manage stress, make more time for yourself), and

Relationship improvement.

Resolutions are also temporary. They are goals you’re going to pursue, then stop when you fail, or when you meet them. That is not what you want when you seek permanent, lasting change in your life.

As Personal Life Coaches will tell you in order for you to succeed and achieve your goals, you need the new year's resolution to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Time-based). You should look at New Year’s resolution as more behaviour-based rather than a goal based. You also need to keep it measurable to help you measure your progress over time which you will find encouraging and will give you more will power to continue once you can see positive results.

Self improvement goals are also behaviours and are measurable. To "Stop procrastinating" a far better resolution phrased as a behaviour is to keep a to do list, and to cross at least one thing off the list every day. You might still procrastinate, but at least you’ll do it less. And if you miss a day, you haven’t failed yet, because the behaviour is a daily practice, not a one-off.

Relationships are perhaps the hardest goals to set and behaviours to change, because you’re only half the variable. The other person (or people) are there too, and you don’t control them. So the only effective goal is to look at your behaviour, not the relationship itself. A goal of “Have a better relationship with my mother” can easily become “Every week, do something nice for my mother.” Wording is very important as to how to achieve your goals as it gives you a sense of direction.

In the money/finance category, goals move from “make 20% more this year” to “do my best each day to improve my skills and performance so I will get a raise or be able to seek better employment". That isn’t a typical goal, because it isn’t specific enough, it’s hard to measure, and it doesn’t have a deadline. However, you can ask yourself at bedtime every night, “Did I do it today?” And if I didn't do it today, "what can I do tomorrow that I haven't done before?" Write down the answer. Just that act will help you change your behaviour.

With Activities R Us, Oriana Coaching programmes, we will help you set SMART New Year Resolutions. Offering you support and guidance on who to measure, set deadlines and achieve your goals, helping you maintain them once you have achieved them.

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