Youth Coach

Coaching Young People


Activities R Us will be working with schools and colleges to coach students to help them realise their potential, boost their confidence and enable them to gain the skills to support long term employability.  


Young people’s aspirations and those of their parents influence their educational attainment and later life outcomes. 11-14 is a key age range, when young people move from idealistic to more realistic ambitions.


Young people are more likely to achieve positive outcomes when they develop ambitious, achievable aspirations, combined with the self-esteem, self-efficacy, information and inspiration they need to persevere towards their goals.


Achieving good results at school is an important step on the way to success across a broad range of future life outcomes.


Through our coaching we will engage with young people to explore what they want to achieve in life, setting goals and achieve life changing goals and in particular be taught how to apply the method of coaching to help them through day to day problem solving and struggles.

Youth coaching

Youth coaching is a branch of life coaching. It is designed to encourage personal development in young people while providing an outlet for their stresses and anxieties.

Sometimes young people can feel like they are stuck on a never ending rollercoaster. The expectations they have on themselves, as well as the pressures of fitting in, growing up and planning a future can make it hard for them to cope.

Youth coaching can help young people develop life skills and learn how to manage some of the stresses that come along the way. This can include:

  • building confidence

  • setting and achieving goals

  • managing stress

  • peer pressure

  • discussing difficult issues.

A youth coach can be hired to:

  • help troubled teenagers get back on track

  • encourage a better work ethic

  • help young people deal with difficult or embarrassing issues

  • discover potential and set goals to reach it

  • help improve family dynamic.

Young people who visit a youth coach can benefit in the following ways:

  • They get the opportunity to talk about difficult subjects, such as bullying, relationships and sex.

  • They are encouraged to see the world from a fresh perspective.

  • They can begin to set goals for self-improvement.

  • They learn to handle and manage emotions.

  • They get the support of an objective and non-judgemental mentor.

  • They learn to build confidence and social skills.

  • They will leave with a new sense of motivation and boost of inspiration.

A youth coach will work with the young person to identify their needs and discuss their concerns. They will act as the support beside them while they jump the hurdles toward a stable future. While some will need a hand held throughout the journey, others may only need to be pointed in the right direction.

We will assess the needs of the group and tailor made the sessions according to their requirements.  

Activities R Us offer a variety of coaching services through Coach Oriana a one to one coaching, coaching over skype, telephone and in person is very popular.  We offer Personal Life Coach, Health and Lifestyle Coaching, Family, Young PeopleBusiness, Legacy and Spiritual Coaching.